These beautiful new blanks are made by Jim Pratt by attaching slices of dyed abalone shell to the tubes and casting in clear Alumalite. These are easy to turn and create amazing pens. The photos don't nearly do the blanks justice. Each one listed below is the actual one you will be purchasing. There are abalone blanks that will fit both the Zoe style ball point pen kits and the Jr line of kits. The Jr kits fit the Jr George, Jr Aaron, and Jr Harold. They will also fit the Citizen style kits but the tubes will need to be sanded down a bit shorter.

The Zoe style kits are listed in the top section, Jr style kits are listed at the bottom.

Blanks for the ZOE kit: ***CLEARANCE***

ABZO04 Aqua Abalone for Zoe Kit Price:(Was $55.00) $25.00ea (SOLD)

ABZO06 Lime Green Abalone for Zoe Kit Price: (Was $55.00) $25.00ea (SOLD)

ABZO07 Blue Ice Abalone for Zoe Kit Price:(SOLD)

ABZO09 Blue Abalone for Zoe Kit (SOLD)

Blanks for the Jr Style kits: ***CLEARANCE***

ABJR11 Baby Blue Abalone for Jr Style Kit Price: (Was $55.00) $25.00ea (SOLD)

ABJR12 Lime Green Abalone for Jr Style Kit (SOLD)

ABJR17 Yellow-Green Abalone for Jr Style Kit Price: (was $55.00) $25.00ea (SOLD)