English Bog Oak


This is a very nice selection of bog oak that I was able to import from a contact I made in England. The wood is pretty solid and is about medium in darkness. Available in two sizes, 3/4" x 5+" and 1.25"sq x 6". The 3/4" blanks are at least 5" long but most are quite a bit longer, some as much as 8". The 1.25" sq blanks are right at 1.25 maybe just a hair smaller on some sides.


Quantity Discounts*

5-9 = 10% off

10-49 = 15% off

50 & up = 20% off

*Quantities/discounts may be combined with all other discountable blanks.





Pen By: Richard DeArment www.de-luxedesigns.com

3/4" x 5"+ Price: $4.95 Qty:

1.25" x 6+" Price: $8.95 Qty: