Whiskey Barrel Blanks

Whiskey Barrel Blanks

 These blanks were cut directly from retired whiskey barrels. Now available from 4 different US distilleries. Jack Daniel's, Makers Mark, Wild Turkey, and Jim Beam. The barrels are used one time and then retired. Each blank has one side charred from inside of barrel. Each blank is roughly 3/4" square by 5" long, but may vary a bit just because of how they are cut from the barrel. Each blank comes with certificate of authenticity.

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Quantity Discounts*

5-9 = 10% off

10-49 = 15% off

50 & up = 20% of

*Quantities/discounts may be combined with other discountable blanks.

Jack Daniel's 3/4" x 5" Price: $3.75 Qty:

Maker's Mark 3/4" x 5" Price: Now $2.25 (Reg $3.75) Qty:

Jim Beam 3/4" x 5" Price: Now $2.25 (Reg $3.75) Qty:

Wild Turkey 3/4" x 5" Price: Now $2.25 (Reg $3.75) Qty: