**PRE-ORDER KITS - I currently have on order additional Zoe kits from Dayacom. I will have more of the Rhodium that I have been carrying as well as adding Titanium Gold and Black Titanium kits to my offerings. Pricing here is a one time offer before I receive the kits. Order has been placed on 4/21/2017 and typical lead time is around 90 days. Any orders placed for the pre-order will ship within a couple days of when I receive the kits. If you order any other items from the site with these, I will hold all items till everything is ready to ship. If you prefer to have other stuff ship immediately, please place separate orders. Thank you very much for your interest in the pre-sale.

Zoe Rhodium Ball Point Twist Pen - $8.25 ea. (Regular $10.95) Qty:

Zoe Titanium Gold Ball Point Twist Pen - $7.25 ea. (Regular $9.95) Qty:

Zoe Black Titanium Ball Point Twist Pen - $7.25 ea. (Regular $9.95) Qty:

Zoe Ball Point Bushings - $3.00 ea. (Regular $3.95ea) Qty:

Zoe Spare Tube Set - $1.00 ea.(Regular $1.50ea) Qty:

Thank you!

Samples of Kits from Dayacom Website in Ti Gold, Black Ti, and Rhodium

Photo from Dayacom Website of Rhodium Kit