Pen and Photo by: Toni Ransfield, of www.exclusivedesignz.com (Rhodium Zoe Ballpoint dressed in custom made Polymer clay)


From Bottom to top: Black Titanium, Rhodium, Titanium Gold

A beautiful new kit now available in Rhodium, Titanium Gold and Black Titanium that I am calling the Zoe. I've been looking for an elegant upscale kit that's not so bulky for a while, and I think this kit is perfect. It has an 8mm tube and takes a Parker style refill. It also has crystals in the clip and on the finial.

Zoe Rhodium Ball Point Twist Pen - $10.95 ea. Qty:

Zoe Black Titanium Ball Point Twist Pen - $9.95 ea. Qty:

Zoe Titanium Gold Ball Point Twist Pen - $9.95 ea. Qty:

Zoe Ball Point Bushings - $3.95 ea.Qty:

Zoe Spare Tube Set - $1.50 ea. Qty:


Zoe Pen Kit Instructions 121.8KB Sep 14, 2016 11:24 AM

Thanks again Toni for the amazing artistry and photos!