Pen and Photo by: Toni Ransfield, of www.exclusivedesignz.com (Rhodium Zoe Ballpoint dressed in custom made Polymer clay)

A beautiful new kit in Rhodium that I am calling the Zoe. I've been looking for an elegant upscale kit that's not so bulky for a while, and I think this kit is perfect. It has an 8mm tube and takes a Parker style refill. It also has crystals in the clip and on the finial.

The Zoe kits are currently out of stock. We have reordered the kits including Black Titanium and Titanium Gold options and are offering them at pre-order pricing. Please see the listing here for pre-order kits.
Zoe Rhodium Ball Point Twist Pen - $10.95 ea. Qty:

Zoe Ball Point Bushings - $3.95 ea.Qty:

Zoe Spare Tube Set - $1.50 ea. Qty:


Zoe Pen Kit Instructions 121.8KB Sep 14, 2016 11:24 AM

Thanks again Toni for the amazing artistry and photos!